Photostudy 10

Karolina 16So this is quite a leap in terms of colour. I decided to shove myself in at last and try some truly abstract colours for this piece, but I am unsure of how I feel about the end result. This might have something to do with the fact I painted the colours as natural and then layered colour over the top using glaze layer, or it might just be that I am not quite as confidant as I had thought with colours.

Some parts of the painting work well, such as the yellow and magenta on the face and combine nicely with the painting for an overall pleasing effect. Other areas, such as the hair, are much bolder, striking, and jarring however and really punch your retina. As my classmate, Kate, mentioned it is probably due to the colours in the face being closer to natural than the hair, which is very artificial. Perhaps if the face were made more vibrant or the hair toned back a bit the portrait would have better composition.

Another area of issue is the background. I wanted to implement a cracked appearance, referring to the subject’s stubborn nature and the idea that if an object doesn’t yield to a force it will crack and splinter. However I am not sure the spider-web crack shows this very well. It frames the subject nicely, but as Kate once more pointed out it looks as though she has smacked her head of the background. Perhaps more earthquake-pavement-cracks would have worked better.

There are some parts of this portrait that I am happy with. As I mentioned before the colours of the face are quite harmonious and pleasing. I am also very happy face itself and the expression. Unlike previous portraits I did not have a singular reference for this piece but instead combined several to create the composition seen. There were some struggles with getting perspectives right (especially in the eyes) but I am pleased with the end result.

Whilst this piece may not have been a huge success, it is definitely not a failure either. I have learnt a lot about my skill level, my boundaries, my comfort zones, and where to push myself. I think in future I will continue to explore creating my own compositions rather than simply using a photo-reference. However I think I wont be continuing down this line of colour application. Instead I will continue with that used in my previous study, and use bold/abstract colours to accentuate features and the like.

The WIP can be found here on Behance, but also I have created another progression gif below.



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