Prepping for Photostudy 11

So I’m onto the next photostudy and I need to sort out the words and get the colour scheme down. My subject for this is Louise, who has been painted previously. Like Stuart, I am not sure how seriously she took the request, as the words given were: Snarky, Sarcastic, Harsh, and Narcissistic. Whilst true to an extent I would not say these wholly represent the subject, but then the whole point of this idea is to get their own views and not (just) mine, so I will press on.

Louise Words

From this I began to imagine the character of the portrait. The themes of narcissism, self importance, and uncaring give me the impression of an evil queen (like Cersei, or Charlize Theron in that Snow White film). She is calm and sophisticated, above the rabble of others and above their problems. She sees herself as in a position of power at the centre of the world, and I think that will play heavily on the composition of this piece.

louise palette

Blue: Deceitful, Spiteful, Coldly Detached.

Red: Brutal, Aggressive, Sharp.

Orange: Self-indulgent, Overly Proud.

The colour scheme I have ended up with (once more drawing on existing colour theory and my own understandings) is and interesting one. It contrasts quite heavily with an even balance of cold blues and hot reds/oranges and has no other colours. This presents some brilliant opportunities however as I can then split the hot colours and cold colours between light and shadow.

Another idea I has was to paint the subject mono-chromatically using the blues and then add the reds as highlights. I quite like this idea since the blue colours more wholly represent the words/emotions given, whilst the warmer colours act to support them.

In terms of composition at the moment I am thinking of continuing with creating my own rather than using photo references. Keeping with the impression of an aloof and self-obsessed evil queen I quite like the idea of her sitting on a throne looking down on the viewer, perhaps with the lighting underneath her to further emphasise the display of power. However I still want the face to be the main focus so how much throne I can fit in will be interesting.


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