Photostudy 11

Louise 13 Photostudy 11 was a success I feel. I used the limited colour scheme to my advantage to create a portrait depicting a fierce and cold hearted woman above the concerns of others, just as I had hoped.

Granted there are some issues with the portrait. My brush work got a bit muddled in places and resulted in loss of texture and definition, especially on the nose. I am still undecided on this brush, it is nice and neat and easy to use, but I much prefer the rough textures of the brush I used in the background.

Aside from this though I am very happy with the portrait, especially the blend of colours. It was always going to be difficult to combine such contrastingly hot and cold colour into one piece. I am happy that I went with using the blue as the main colour and red for strong lighting. If I had done something similar to studies 8 and 9 and only used the colours in conjunction with more realistic colours, I think a lot of the effect would have been lost. Here however, the fierce contrast creates a dynamic personality within the piece. The end result certainly could have looked better, but I am happy with the result as it is.

I had thought to light the face from below, to emphasise the power in the figure (relating to the narcissism theme), but as such an angle it would have been rather unflattering and probably taken away from the authority of the piece. Thus I settled for a heavenly light, as if the subject were special in some way.

One last piece of detail I added to emphasise the narcissistic and uncaring queen theme I have mentioned before was the background. I wanted to make it look as if she was sat upon a throne glaring down at subject. However at such a perspective and range there was not much room. To try and convey the idea of a throne I decided to add some simple but fancy decorative carvings to the hint of a chair behind her. Its not quite the Iron Throne but it adds the idea of grandeur.


I recently got some feedback from Ryan who pointed out come key issues with the feedback. Firstly the image is very dark, too dark. He agreed that the lighting I was aiming for was a good idea, but that there needed to be more definition in the body. Looking at it now I can agree with him, it seems very much to be just a floating angry head. Secondly the throne I included doesn’t quite work, in fact Ryan wasn’t sure what it was until I explained. There are several reasons for this, namely the lack of detail on the throne, but also the perspective is wrong and it looks too small. It’s too late to fix these at this point in time, but at least I know know of what I can avoid.

The WIP of this portrait can be found here: Progress-gif I had hoped to make one last study after this before beginning my final 3 submission pieces, but alas due to time I wont be able to. I am away for a week and so the plan is to sketchbook people for this time, and come back refreshed and ready to begin these portraits with an open mind. I think I will continue the inspirational word idea I have been using, but we’ll see how I feel in a week. I’m not even sure who I am going to paint yet.


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