Submission Piece 1: Greyscale Portrait

Black and White 10 This is 1 of my 3 final submission pieces, a greyscale portrait (I wrote monochrome in the brief but this was so I could have some flexibility with it if I wanted to). I chose Julia as the subject for this piece because I have been really annoyed with my earlier attempt at painting her when I began my portrait practice (see here). I wanted to have another go at painting her to try and get it right this time.

I think I have certainly improved in this. The face is much more structured than before and and there is a clear sense of the skull beneath it. The portrait now looks like Julia, as opposed to last time, and I feel more confidant in my understanding of how the head is structured.

My shading and understanding of tone have certainly improved a lot since the beginning of this project, as this piece shows. Before I often found myself creating images with high contrast that would disrupt the harmony of the image. As this portrait demonstrates I am much less inclined towards this now and can confidently produce softer and more natural gradients. I still have some issues with the deeper shadows, as demonstrated with dark lines above the eyes, but overall I feel I have improved significantly.

As per usual, the WiP can be found on Behance:

And here is a process GIF.



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