Colour Scheme for Expressionistic Piece.

As with my previous expressionistic pieces, I want the colour scheme of my final expressionistic piece to be inspired by words used to describe the subject. And in a grand egotistical finale to this project I have decided to create a self portrait, as opposed to painting a friend.

Now, I could have chosen the words which describe me myself. However, what I liked about the previous portraits was that the colour scheme was not entirely influenced by me, and had another’s thoughts put into it. With this in mind, I decided to spin the idea on its head. I asked each of my friends who I have drawn in this project to provide me with one or two words which they would use to describe me (a bold move I know) and from these I created a colour scheme. Luckily, a number of the words overlapped and so I was not overwhelmed.

wordsFrom this list I obtained the following colours.

coloursRed: Stubborn, driven, obstinate

Crimson: Determined.

Magenta: Kind, flamboyant

Teal: Trusting, reliable, committed.

Sky Blue: Selfless, kind.

Lilac: Immature, glamorous.

This is a very bright and clashing colour scheme, and I’m not entirely sure how much of it I will be able to incorporate into the final piece. Because of this I made some quick tests to explore different ways it could be applied.

cs comp

As you can see, the colour scheme is very in your face and difficult to balance across a portrait. However, I think a combination of the middle portrait (which aims to paint with the colours themselves) and the right portrait (which uses the colours to compliments natural shades) could produce a harmonious portrait that displays the emotions I want it to.


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