Submission Piece 3: Expressionistic Portrait

Expressionistc 11

This is the third and final submission piece for my second semester of Computer Arts Practice, an expressionistic self portrait.

I had a lot of issues with this portrait, but I am happy with it as the finale to this project. My main issue was getting the colours mentioned in my previous post to work harmoniously with each other. The obvious issue was how in-your-face the colours were, I could have created an Andy Warahol pop art eye-sore, but I have never been a big fan such bright vibrant images. In my opinion such bright and vibrant colours need to be balanced with ones softer on the eye, otherwise the image is too garrish. As such I began by trying to use the colours chosen to compliment the natural colours of the piece, using them to alter shades and highlights (as I have done in pieces like Photostudy 8 and Photostudy 9).

However this produced its own problems because I then struggled to blend the abstract colours with the realistic, which were quite brown/tobacco due to my previously mentioned struggles. Browny-yellows do not blend well with magenta and lilac it turns out. I was eventually able to overcome this problem by further implementing the abstract colours and having them completely override the natural tones. I also inverted the background, which was initially yellow and magenta. This made the overall piece too hot, and I did not want too many cool colour on my face as it would render me cold and negative, the opposite of the  traits I was trying to present. However the blue background is much more calming and balances the piece well.

Whilst this has resulted in a pleasing and soft application of the otherwise gaudy colour scheme, it was the result of a far too much time and effort. Never the less I am pleased with the results of this piece and am glad to have it as the finishing piece of this project.

A WiP can be found on my Behance:

And I have produced another progress gif.



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