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Deciding on a Brief

Having read over the given briefs I have narrowed my choices down to four.

Interactive Narrative; GUI for Games; Digital Illustration; or Concept Design 2, Characters for Games.

All but the GUI brief play to my preferences of character design/illustration and storytelling. I am interested in GUI design and it is a useful skill to have in the industry. However I have little skill or experience in the area and thus feel I would struggle with this brief. Considering I should be viewing this as an opportunity to create a portfolio piece I think I will set this aside. Perhaps I will pick it up in my spare time later on as a side project.

Thinking along this line of thought, I believe that the Concept Design 2 brief (designing Character for games) is my best bet for producing a strong portfolio piece. Furthermore, character design is one area I am particularly keen to enter in the industry, and I feel the skills I can gain from it are transferable to a large variety of other areas (illustration being the obvious one, but also interactive narrative in a sense). The art inspirations for this brief are also a style I would be interesting in developing for myself.

This I have chosen to work with the brief Concept Design 2, Character Design for Games (one which I imagine will be quite popular).


Week 1- CV Creation

[Another task for Week 1 was to create a CV for ourselves based around selling ourselves as artists. Whilst I am already working on an artistic CV it contains a lot of details which were irrelevant to the specifications of the task and so I stripped it down and re-wrote parts.

After emailing it to Ryan I decided I was still not happy with it and that some of the areas were too vague. I went back and altered it further, adding more details to my talents. Here is the final product]

Callum Fowlie, 1202211

Online Portfolio:

As an artist I enjoy creating 2D art, and whilst I am skilled at working with traditional media I am stronger at working digitally. I prefer to work as a concept artist but am not opposed to Illustration work.

I draw a lot of inspiration from my love of science fiction and fantasy novels and work at my best with those themes. Moreover I prefer to work with characters and creatures than I do with vehicles and cities. I am currently studying Computer Arts at Abertay University.


I have experience with the following programs and media:

  • Adobe Photoshop (Digital Painting and Photo Manipulation)
  • GIMP (Digital Painting and Photo Manipulation)
  • Paint Tool Sai (Digital Painting)
  • Adobe Flash (Animation and ActionScript Coding)
  • Autodesk Maya (3D Modelling)
  • Oil Paints
  • Pen and Pencil
  • Watercolour Paints


Whilst I have a lot of experience with the above I would consider myself a specialist in more precise areas of work. Specifically, I find that I work best using Photoshop, Oil Paints, and/or Pen and Pencils in fields of work concerning concept art for ideas. Specifically, I work best at Character Design.

I also work better with certain themes to follow. Whilst I can create works fitting with a Modern theme, I prefer to work with Fantasy or Science Fiction settings.


A Glitch in Time (2014): A Second Year University project where teams of students from various courses are tasked with building a prototype game in 15 weeks. There were 4 artists in our 9 person group, and I was tasked with the concept art for our character, enemies, and sprites of other characters which would be placed in the background.

Dare Schools Team Challenge 2011: This is an annual competition aimed at S5 pupils studying art, design or computing and gives them 5 days to build a simple flash based game in groups. I was the lead (only) artist on our team of 4 people. Our team won the 2011 competition.

NHS Tayside Paediatric Ward 2011: I was commissioned to produce a poster clearly demonstrating the correct procedure parents were to follow for ordering, collecting, and retaining medication for their children. This project had a 24 hour turn around and was met with success.

McIntosh Patrick Award 2011: received a Highly Commended Award.